I am committed to the following principles:

1. Students - The public education system is responsible for students’ success and well-being.

I believe schools are responsible for the “whole” child. Learning is the top priority, but schools are important in many other ways. Children spend a great deal of their young lives in elementary school and high school and they depend on teachers to help them not just with school work, but with general needs and challenges.


  • Educational Success
  • Health & Well-Being
  • Opportunity to Succeed

Pledge: As a public school trustee, my focus will be on student needs: achievement and well-being. Students have to be the top priority when decisions are made and policies are developed. I will always ask: "What does this mean for students? What is best for all students?"

All children are unique and deserve a fair chance to become their best. I will advocate for the Board to develop specific strategies and goals that can be measured in all of these areas. The Board can then report back to the community on progress on all of them.

2. Community - Schools are community centres.

Schools are more than learning institutions. Each school is a community that needs to provide a positive, supportive place to learn and grow. Schools are integral to vibrant neighbourhoods and need to be well-connected with the surrounding community. It’s important for students to feel part of their communities in school and outside of school. Schools and other board decision-makers need to reach out and be open to parents’ input and have strong community partnerships.


  • Positive School Environment
  • Consultation and Engagement
  • Strong Community Partnerships
  • Community Strength through Education

Pledge: As a trustee, I will work for good learning environments in the classroom and throughout schools. I will always be ready to listen to students and parents. I will encourage schools and the Board to reach out into the community for input. I will ensure the Board considers the outcomes of decisions on the entire community because good education is important for long-term community success. I will ensure the Board reports to the community on how we are doing in these areas.

3. Accountability - Parents and the community need to be kept informed and be able to provide input.

It’s important for parents and the community to feel they know what is going on in our schools and at the board. The board has an incredible responsibility to families in our community. The board must account for its decisions and the outcomes that result from them. The board must have open communication with parents and the community and provide opportunities to hear ideas and concerns from them.


  • Transparency and Openness
  • Two-Way Communication
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Reporting on Progress

Pledge: As a trustee, I will ensure the Board is as open as possible with the community about decisions that are made. I will ensure consultation with the community. I will ensure that we are constantly working to improve the quality of education and relationships with the community. I will advocate for parent and student involvement with Board matters as much as possible and I will make sure the Board reports back. 

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