Meeting Notes - September 17, 2019

We debuted our live-streaming tonight!

I am thrilled that we are now live-streaming all of our public board meetings and standing committee meetings. The live-stream and archived videos can be found on the GECDSB YouTube channel:
We have four cameras in the boardroom, one on either side of the trustees which can zoom-in on the trustee, administrator, or presenter that is speaking, whether seated at the tables or standing at the microphone. There are also two cameras at the back of the room, one which is static and gives a full view of the room, and another that can pan the room. I hope that live-streaming has the impact on transparency and accessibility that we are going for. 
I have noticed that since we decided to start live-streaming, county councils are starting to consider the same. I am interested to see their solutions if they decide to do it.

Trustees also received a report on strategies to reduce single use plastics and approved several recommendations from that report as our next steps: to establish a board committee; to review purchasing processes; and to develop a school and community awareness program. It makes me very happy that we are practicing civic leadership in this way and that it came about as a result of student activism.

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Jessica Sartori