Meeting Notes - October, 2019

Tonight, trustees supported a motion for administration to come back with a report on Windsor Stadium and another motion to continue to improve transparency by keeping original agendas and the reports therein posted online.

I supported both of these motions.
The motion about Windsor Stadium came from Trustee Alan Halberstadt who has a passion for the core and for maintaining unique City gems. Although we have tried several approaches to Windsor Stadium over the years, it is currently in disrepair. At this time, Kennedy High School uses it and I believe that is its only current use.
Trustee Halberstadt’s motion asked for a report from administration on the status and condition, present use, maintenance and operating costs, and estimates of repair costs with suggestions for funding. I supported the motion. I, too, think that Windsor Stadium is one of the community’s gems and we are responsible for it. I appreciated Trustee Halberstadt’s careful approach so that trustees can first understand the scope of the issue and get a sense of possibilities going forward. The fact that his motion passed is an indicator that trustees do agree that it needs to be looked at. It will take some time for administration to draw up the report and more time for trustees to develop a plan. I am pleased that the conversation has been started.

I also supported a motion for greater transparency, something I ran on back in 2014 when I first became a trustee. In working on another issue that pertained to transparency, Trustee Alicia Higgison and I realized that the reports that we receive in our agendas are not available to the public once the corresponding minutes have been posted - or accessible by trustees for that matter. Thus, she brought a motion that original agendas with reports be kept online. This is a practice in other school boards and I believe it will help with transparency, public engagement, and public understanding of the information that administration provides to trustees to make decisions. These can now be seen at this link:
Finally, I have some exciting personal news. I have accepted a position at John McGivney Children’s Centre as the CEO. I am very excited to continue my work supporting children and helping to ensure that they reach full potential. Here is a link to the JMCC website if you would like to check it out:
I want to give this my all and for this reason, as well as the availability of live-streaming, I am going to try moving to monthly posts rather than one for each meeting. I hope you find them helpful.

I hope everyone is enjoying a beautiful start to fall! I am looking forward to visiting and learning about our breakfast programs this month.

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Jessica Sartori