Meeting Notes - March 19, 2019

Tonight trustees supported a motion to initiate International Baccalaureate programming in the "core".

The motion was brought by Trustee Cipkar, one of the area trustees. There was much discussion including that a previous motion in 2018 to expand IB throughout the board asked that consideration be given to the core schools. Instead, a decision was made at the last meeting to bring IB to Glenwood in south Windsor, which I supported. Trustees also discussed what is meant by the core. This motion defined the core as the Kennedy and Walkerville area of schools. The motion also identified that special consideration be given to under-capacity schools.

While I support all of this and believe that we need to protect the core especially because the city has an ongoing Improvement Plan for the core / downtown area that we should not work against, I think we need a board-wide plan for expanding IB. It is a very popular program, but it is also expensive and I believe a deliberate plan is needed. It could include the Long-Term Accommodation Plan as well as statements of interest from schools as well as a needs assessment that includes parent input.  

Trustee Cipkar presented an excellent discussion. I did vote against the motion, but, again, not because I disagree with the idea of IB in the core, but that I believe a plan is the way to go with this type of programming. 

The next meeting is on April 2. See you there!


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Jessica Sartori