Meeting Notes - February 5, 2019

The major item on the Education Committee tonight was a recommendation from administration to create International Baccalaureate programming for the elementary panel at Glenwood and Margaret D. Bennie Public Schools. This would represent a pilot of elementary IB. We currently offer IB at the secondary level at Riverside and Leamington.

The recommendation came about as a result of a motion by trustees early last year to pilot IB at one elementary school in the city and one in the county. Part of the process involves applications by schools that are interested. All 56 elementary school principals attended an information session and six schools applied. The two schools were chosen by a committee of superintendents, principals, teachers, and union representatives. The recommendation was deferred until the February 19 board meeting as trustees wanted to understand more about the rationale behind choosing those schools.

Trustees received a report about mitigating extreme heat as a result of a motion I made last October to look for ways to deal with heat in our schools from May to September. I include the summer months here because we do offer extensive summer programming. The report (pages 34-50) we received included information about the number of schools lacking air conditioning, the cost to retro-fit them for air conditioning, and our current policies and administrative procedures for hot (and extremely cold) days. Retro-fitting is not within our budget. The cost would be about $102m for the 42 schools that do not have central air. I was hoping for more than information about what we already do, but the report did not contain new ideas. I supported a motion to refer the issue to the policy committee for continued discussion.

The next meeting is on February 19. Hope to see you there!


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Jessica Sartori