Meeting Notes - December 6, 2016

Tonight we had our annual Organizational Meeting during which we hold our internal elections. Congratulations to our new Board Chair, Trustee Kim McKinley, and Vice Chair, Ron LeClair.

I am pleased to have been elected Chair of the Education Committee. Alan Halberstadt is the new Vice Chair.

Congratulations to Dave Taves, Chair of the Operations and Finance Committee, and Cheryl Lovell, Vice Chair.

Our OPSBA Director will be Cheryl Lovell and our Alternate will be Julia Burgess.

Our OPSBA Voting Delegate will be Connie Buckler with our Alternate being Julia Burgess.

For the Supervised Alternative Learning Committee, the city trustee will be Cheryl Lovell, the county trustee will be Connie Buckler, and the Alternate will be Julia Burgess.

The Greater Essex County Parent Involvement Committee (GECPIC) trustee will be Julia Burgess and the Alternate will be Connie Buckler.

In addition to the regular board meetings, there are many other roles the trustees fulfill. Descriptions of all of our standard committees can be found in our by-laws starting on page 19. The Striking Committee will make appointments for some committees as well. These will be announced in the near future. In addition, there are ad hoc committees that are formed based on specific issues that trustees have decided to address. 

Throughout the evening we enjoyed recorded holiday music from the Riverside Secondary School Band. They are very impressive!

Our next meeting is on December 13. The major topic will be the recommendations from administration based on the long-term accommodation plan. The public are invited to attend this meeting at 7pm at the board office. Hope to see you there!


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Jessica Sartori