Meeting Notes - December 4, 2018

Tonight was our Inaugural Meeting of the new Board of Trustees!

Congratulations to everyone who was elected to the various positions. 

I have been elected to the Chairperson position. I am grateful to have the support of the Board of Trustees to undertake this role. It will not be a status quo term with the new provincial government and five new enthusiastic trustees along with some other big items including union negotiations.

Trustee Julia Burgess will serve in the Vice Chairperson role. I am looking forward to working with her.

Alan Halberstadt will chair the Board's Operations and Finance standing committee and Sarah Cipkar will assume the Vice Chair position. Alicia Higgison will chair the Education Committee and Aimee Omstead will take on the Vice Chair position.

The OPSBA director will be Julia Burgess and the Voting Delegate will be Sarah Cipkar. They will also serve as the other's alternate.

Cathy Cooke and Aimee Omstead will serve on the Special Education Advisory Committee with Linda Qin as the alternate. They will also serve on the Supervised Alternative Learning Committee with Alan Halberstadt as the alternate. 

The trustee for GECPIC is Alicia Higgison and the alternate is Julia Burgess.

Trustees Halberstadt, LeClair, and Hatfield will serve on the Audit Committee.

A description of all Committees can be found in the By-Laws document starting on page 24. Each one has a very specific and important role in serving the GECDSB community.

Thank you to everyone who stood for the various positions. I am looking forward to serving with all of you!



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Jessica Sartori