Meeting Notes - December 2019

Happy holidays!

At the December 3 meeting, we selected our new chairs and vice chairs. Congratulations to Ron LeClair, Board Chair, and Cathy Cooke, Vice Chair. Alicia Higgison and Aimee Omstead remain the Education Committee Chair and Vice Chair, while Alan Halberstadt and Sarah Cipkar remain the Operations and Finance Committee Chair and Vice Chair. A full listing of committee assignments can be found here. I am looking forward to the coming year. 

Trustees also supported a motion from Cathy Cooke to ensure that public consultations are held in the evening at a time that is convenient to parents and the community. I supported the motion. I think that we should be doing whatever we can to ensure that stakeholders have the best opportunities to engage with us and provide input and we have found that afternoon meetings may not be most convenient to community members.

The next board meeting is in January. Happy New Year to all! Have a safe and restful holiday!




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Jessica Sartori