Meeting Notes - April 2, 2019

Education Development Charges were the hot topic for this evening. School boards use EDCs to fund the purchase of land to build or expand schools. The rates are set by school boards within parameters set out by the provincial government. Municipalities then collect the EDCs from developers on our behalf. 

The board has two EDC by-laws for our currently legislated regions: the City of Windsor and the Essex region including Leamington and Pelee Island. They can be set for a maximum of 5 years. Our last EDCs were set in 2014, just before I started on the board. Therefore, they were up for renewal.

A report was given tonight by a consultant from Watson & Associates and public comments and questions were welcomed. Trustees also had the opportunity to ask questions. 

Currently, the rates are $305 for both the city and the county. They were frozen up until a few days before the meeting and I think we all believed we would be simply renewing our current by-laws. Now that the freeze has been lifted, the consultant is recommending a gradual increase in the county up to $682 and $1455 in the city. One of my questions is why this is the recommendation when in our board's history of EDCs, they have always been equal. 

Trustees will be voting to establish our EDC by-laws on April 16. We are still inviting public comments and questions either by emailing the board office or by attending the meeting. Supporting documentation can be found here. Would love to hear your thoughts!


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Jessica Sartori