Meeting Notes - December 9, 2014

Last night’s board meeting was a bit of an emotional roller coaster. For me, the themes were strength, hope, and perseverance. Here is a snapshot.

I learned that in addition to my added responsibilities as Vice Chair of the Education Committee, I have been appointed to the Policy Committee and the Student Trustee Selection Committee, as I requested. I am very excited to play a part in all of these committees.

There was a touching tribute to Maiysn Spencer, a grade three student whom attended Prince Andrew Public School who was recently taken by cancer. It saddens me that this is not the first tribute for a student since I started attending meetings in September. 

We also heard from teaching students from China who were part of our Reciprocal Language Program. They talked about what they learned from their placements at area schools. One student shared this Chinese proverb which speaks to the importance of engagement in learning: “Teach me and I forget, Show me and I may remember, Involve me and I’ll understand”. They presented the Board with a beautiful picture of a flower symbolizing Perseverance, Hope, Beauty, and Purity.

In addition, we heard from delegates and speakers concerning the proposed Pupil Accommodation Review (PARC) for five county schools. Speakers from Kingsville and Harrow made passionate presentations about their unique communities and indicated they are open to partnerships. I did vote to move forward with the PARC. This was a very difficult decision. I am extremely hopeful that many creative ideas will be proposed during the consultation process. There will be opportunities to participate in these PARCs and I encourage you to take part where possible. I will continue to share updates and post important dates as I get them.

I stated during my campaign that one of my decision principles is added and enriched programming for all students. The second principle is that schools are community pillars. And the third is transparency and accountability. Any decisions I make throughout my term will be made through these priorities. I know that there will sometimes be competing priorities. The community trusted me to make the best decisions I can make using these principles. I will honour my promise.

The next public session is on January 20th at 7pm. All meeting materials will be found here. Hope to see you there!

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