December 4, 2018

Following are my Chair's Remarks to Trustees and Administration.

Thank you again for your support. I am so excited to work alongside all of you for the next four years and I am grateful for the opportunity to help lead us through this inaugural year.

The Vision Statement in our board’s 5-year plan is: Building Tomorrow Together – Every Learner, Every Day. Our Mission Statement commits us to Excellence in Public Education.

The Greater Essex County District Board has an important role in this community: to educate and help raise the next generation of leaders; practice ethical stewardship with a significant budget and resources that come from the public purse; and finally, engaging stakeholders in this community.

These are significant responsibilities especially at this pivotal time for the Windsor/Essex community. Mayor Dilkens talked about economic diversification and we know that the education of our children will certainly have an impact on the economic development of our community.

We also know that over one-quarter of the children in our community live in poverty. We see these patterns reflected in our school communities. What can we do to help mitigate the effects of poverty on our children?

Everyone in this room can be really proud of their professional contributions throughout this board. We offer innovative programming that is responsive to the needs of the community, we have strong special education programming, and we celebrate our diversity.

We can’t solve every problem. Many of these issues are not school board issues, and we are not front and centre, but we can have an impact by working together and keeping our focus on our Mission and Vision. I truly believe that we have the parts to do some amazing things. And I thank you for trusting me to lead us through this inaugural year.

There’s lots of work ahead but first let’s celebrate our past successes and future opportunities. I hope everyone will join us for some refreshments after the meeting.

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Jessica Sartori