December 11, 2018

We received a presentation about updates to the Education Development Charges. These are charged by municipalities on behalf of school boards which are acquiring sites for new builds usually as a result of an increase in enrolment often resulting from new residential developments. 

We are due to review our EDC By-Law which was last done in 2014 and will expire in 2019. Here is the report from the last review.

According to this report published by the Ministry of Education in 2002, in order to implement the new by-law, a school board must demonstrate that enrolment exceeds capacity, conduct a background study, and hold a public meeting for input. A report is then submitted to the Ministry of Education for approval. 

Our current by-law for the City of Windsor can be found here. Our current by-law for the County of Essex and Pelee Island can be found here

Because the last EDC review was done in May 2014, this was before my first term began and I do not have a great deal of familiarity. I will be learning as the process goes forward. However, one complicating factor is that on October 15, 2018 the Ministry of Education placed a temporary cap on EDCs. According to OPSBA, this could have a significant impact on many school boards. More to come.

Vice Chair Julia Burgess presented her report on a recent meeting of the OPSBA Board of Directors. Education Minister Lisa Thompson was in attendance. She spoke about several hot items. She indicated that Accommodation Reviews (PARCs) are being reviewed by the Ministry over the winter and decisions will be made afterwards, noting that $40million per day is being spent in excess of revenue. She also noted that an announcement would be coming soon about the pause on the Parents Reaching Out Grants, and that there would be more to come on Equity issues and the Truth and Reconciliation curriculum. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season. See you in 2019!


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Jessica Sartori